In the early 1980s, a tarot card reader told me that I would have three careers. I was well into my astrological studies, and captivated by the world that I had discovered on the other side of the occult threshold. But I was in the promising and exciting early days of what would turn out to be a successful second career (first career: high school French teacher) as a systems manager for a major insurance company. At the time, which was shortly after the painful demise of my first marriage, I was in the midst of reinventing myself not only professionally, but personally, and maternally as the single parent of two pre-adolescent daughters. The last thing my mind had space for was the idea of another career change. What's more, I was totally comfortable with the astrological view that, with five planets in the Eighth House (representing other people's money, big business, and the occult, among other things), I was on track when it came to actualizing the potential of my birth chart. So I dismissed the idea, figuring that the card reader was at best having a bad day, and at worst was an entertaining charlatan.

What did I know?

Fast forward fifteen years...

The girls are grown and launching their own glorious young adult lives. (Now-husband) Don and I are planning to take the next step in our long-term relationship by getting married. My astrological studies have intensified, and I've been building a part-time consulting practice and playing with the idea of a shift to a full-time commitment. And the Universe bats one right out of the ballpark: my company offers an early-retirement/voluntary-reduction-in-force package.

No one had to tell me about it more than once.

Fast forward another ten years or so...

The girls are married and I'm a grandmother. Don and I are doing great. In addition to my ever-growing consulting practice and private students, I design and teach astrology courses in the community development department of our local two-year college. I've met some amazing people and had amazing experiences that I never would have encountered doing any other work, and I've had the opportunity to study directly with Steven Forrest, one of the true contemporary lights in the field. And, just a few years ago, the Universe tapped me on the shoulder and whispered an idea for a book - for Perfect Together - and invited me to broaden this third career of mine even further. Taking on that assignment has given me the chance to share what I've learned about astrology as a valuable tool that can help us live our lives in the happiest, most meaningful and satisfying way possible. And I've been able to explore and expand my own Gemini Sun communication energies, and reach a much larger audience that I could ever have dreamed of.

Which just goes to show you that a tarot card reader in a not-too-terribly-good Mexican restaurant in central New Jersey can be a wise and knowing guide.

Keep your eyes and ears open: those guides are all around us!

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