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North Node: Capricorns Coming In

Babies born between August 21, 2009 and March 2, 2011 have their North Node, the astrological symbol describing their life purpose in Capricorn, the sign of the determined achiever.  This hardworking, responsible, “take-charge,” earthy sign is extremely competent, ambitious, and knows how to set a goal and achieve it.  As these tiny adorable, now charming us in their onesies and rompers, move into their adult years, they will be able to make a real difference, to make the world they live in far better than how they found it.  As a group, this North Node generation can live lifetimes of great accomplishment, delivering on a karmic mission for the good of the global community, in places like big business and government.  Think about the contributions of John F. Kennedy and Oprah Winfrey.  They share (d) this North Node sign.   

The South Node of the Moon describes our past life experience, and qualities that are carried forward into this lifetime.  North Node Capricorn people have their South Node in caring, sensitive Cancer, the watery sign that represents the archetype of the nurturing parent.  This means that this generation North Node spirits can use these Cancer qualities to suffuse their accomplishments with empathy, caring, and emotional connection.  Quite an amazing combination.  

We don’t want to rush their childhoods by even a single moment...but boy, has the world been waiting for them to get here.

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