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North Node: Libras Coming In

A new nodal generation is arriving on our planet.  Babies born between February 18, 2014 and November 11, 2015 will have their North Node, the astrological symbol describing their life purpose, in the sign of Libra.  Libra is a creative, diplomatic, peace-loving, relationship-oriented air sign.  As these little cherubs grow up and learn to master Libra’s skills in negotiation and compromise, and integrate that sign’s innate sensitivities to how others are feeling and thinking, they can become leaders that balance the scales of justice and bring much-needed peace and harmony to this beleaguered world.  What’s more, their efforts will be helped by them having   the heightened sensitivity and compassion of Neptune in its own sign of Pisces in their natal charts ­- and personalities - for their whole lives.    

The South Node of the Moon describes qualities that we carry forward into this lifetime from past life experience.  North Node Libra people have their South Node in the assertive, daring, action-oriented fire sign of Aries, a legacy of energy and the courage that will help them do what it takes to achieve their mission of peace and relationship.

For now, just hold them close, keep them safe and warm, and celebrate their arrival.  

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