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Capricorn Convergence

Chapter 3: Karma Cranks


As an evolutionary astrologer, my focus is always on how this lifetime’s energies and potentials facilitate the journey of the spirit that incarnates over multiple lifetimes.  The concept of karma – the law of cause and effect, the idea that our actions and choices have consequences that affect us in the course of those evolutionary lifetimes – is core to the evolutionary perspective. 


Certain symbols in the birth chart have particular relevance in the karmic context.  Briefly, they are:

  • The South Node of the Moon, which describes unresolved karmic history.  We look at it through a darkened lens, as depicting something that went wrong, or didn’t get accomplished in the past, something that we need to work on, using the resources of this lifetime’s chart and the positive legacies of our karmic experience.


  • The North Node of the Moon, which describes our “contract” in this lifetime: what we have incarnated to accomplish from the soulful perspective, along with information about qualities we can use to get the job done.


  • Pluto, the “truth teller” which routes out wounds and secrets acquired in the karmic past that are buried deeply in this lifetime’s unconscious, things that must be confronted consciously in order to release the planet’s healing energies and transformative, empowering strengths.


  • Saturn, the karmic teacher, who provides us with the down-to-earth, realistic lessons and experiences we need in order to grow and evolve.


As I write this, in April of 2019, Pluto, Saturn and the South Node of the Moon are all traveling closely together in earthy, responsible, goal-driven Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn itself. Karmic history is casting a long shadow these days, individually and collectively.  It is a time to examine how “low-end” expressions (remember the South Node’s “darkened lens”) of Capricorn energy (controlling, autocratic behavior, ambition that excludes or ignores personal feelings and sensitivities, over-focus on tangible results and acquisitions, reluctance to let go of the grip of the past and long-held, potentially obsolete attitudes, etc.) might be limiting our evolutionary progress.  In other words, it’s an opportunity to take a good, hard, honest look at unresolved karma: what went wrong or didn’t get done, or got mishandled, or caused wounding, in the past, and see what we can do to make it right.


  • The first article in this series describes how these planetary/sign combinations are expressed.  If you’d like to review it, just click here.


Locating where approximately 20-25° of Capricorn is found in your natal chart will provide insight into personal issues that may need attention.  You need only look at the daily headlines to encounter the challenges of the current societal and global scene.  Although this particular aspect of the Capricorn convergence will loosen up in coming months, (the nodes move much faster than Saturn and Pluto) the overall gathering of Capricorn energy continues to build, as Jupiter moves into the sign of the mountain goat at the end of the year, and Saturn approaches its exact conjunction (meet-up) with Pluto next January.   


This benevolent Universe never gives us an assignment without offering the resources we can use to complete it.  Karmically, this means looking to the North Node of the Moon for guidance.  Its qualities offer the remedies needed to bring about the “cure” for the challenges of the South Node.  The North Node is now in Cancer, urging us to be kind to ourselves at every level:  to nurture ourselves with what we need in order to thrive; to be gentle; to listen to our heart as well as our head: to honor our emotions and feel what we feel; to trust our instincts.  To do all this….and to pay it forward.

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