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Capricorn Convergence

Chapter 5: America the Beautiful


Capricorn is the sign associated with large organizations such as government and big business.  Pluto excels at bringing what is hidden or unconscious to awareness so that we can do the hard work of healing.  Saturn is the master of urging us to accomplish something important that can be anchored to the strong, secure foundations that Saturn knows how to build.  On January 10, 2020 these two planets meet up at 22° Capricorn, pouring their energy into the Second House of the birth chart of the United States of America, born on the Fourth of July, 1776 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at 5:10 PM.  Media of all kinds has tracked the effects of the gathering of this powerful, focused, determined, energy for more than a year, and although the exact peak of its strength lasts only a matter of a couple of weeks, the configuration, augmented by Jupiter’s entrance into Capricorn in December 2019, will continue to influence the societal – and global – landscape for more than a year to come.  



The smaller circle is the birth chart of the U.S.A.

The larger one is the energetic landscape for January 10, 2020.

The Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto, all in Capricorn, 

are energizing the USA’s Second House. 


The Second House is all about values, and how we individually or collectively use our resources (material, for sure, but also things like emotional involvement and the investment of time and energy) in support of those values.  Here’s a bird’s eye view of what the USA’s birth chart tells us about those values:


Four key planets   ̶   the Sun (which describes core personality attributes), Mercury, Venus and Jupiter  ̶  are in the nurturing, caring, patriotic, love-of-hearth-and-home sign of Cancer.  They are all placed in the Seventh House, which represents partnership and committed, collaborative relationship with others.  The heart of the chart – the Moon – is in humanitarian, tolerant, independence-loving Aquarius, and these qualities are reinforced by the South Node of the chart, the indicator of a karmic legacy, which is in the sign of Aquarius as well.  America’s Ascendant, the symbol that describes how our country interacts with the rest of the world, is Sagittarius, the non-judgmental, freedom-loving, all-inclusive, “never met a person I didn’t like” sign of the expansive adventurer. 


With Saturn, the planet that reminds us our responsibilities, strongly placed in its own “home” in the mission-driven Tenth House, our nation is called to share the wealth of its rich and resources with others.  The United States can best deliver on that mission not only through the collective union of the diverse energies of its individual states, but in collaboration with other nations as well, because Saturn is in Libra, the sign that echoes the relationship themes of the Seventh House. 

America has a chart that is called to claim freedom for itself and bring it to others – to be inclusive, not restrictive; peaceful, and nurturing, not aggressive.  Infused with a spirit of adventure, it has great love of the “motherland” (Cancer is the sign associated with “motherhood and apple pie”) and is strong in the defense of its security and safety.  And one last thing: The North Node, which describes the soulful purpose of a chart, is in Sun-ruled, attention-attracting Leo, the sign of the generous leader.  It is placed in the powerful Eight House of transformation.  Simply stated, ours is a nation born to take the lead by example and action in the healing and transformation of the world of which it is a part.  

   *     *     *    *

The Capricorn Convergence urges us to face up to the question of whether our values (Second House) as a nation reflect our core nature, and whether we are using our resources in positive support of those values.  If something’s out of whack, then it is our responsibility (Capricorn) to face the challenge and do whatever it takes to put things straight, and to bring out the highest potential of this beautiful country and guide it wisely along the next stretch of its historical journey. 

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