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“Abbondanza!” – 

Jupiter Enters Taurus 

May 16, 2023 – May 25, 2024

Twelve years ago, on the very day that Jupiter last entered the sign of the bull, I was on a Mediterranean cruise, sailing the glorious blue waters of Italy and Greece. The planet of expansion, good fortune, optimism, and abundance had rolled happily into the peace-loving, indulgent, Venus-ruled sign of Taurus.  The two “Benefics” (the classic term for the planets delivering blessings, happiness, and good fortune) had come together to offer the opportunity for good days and good times for all.    


For most of the past 12 months Jupiter has been spinning through the fiery, make-something-happen sign of Aries. The accelerated pace has affected us not only individually, but societally and globally as well: ever-shorted periods between technological innovations and media turnarounds; natural disasters and erratic, unpredictable, and extreme weather patterns; Russia and the Ukraine; civil and political unrest, economic ups and downs, etc. Could there be a better time than now for some peace and stability (Taurus) in Jupiter (expansive, abundant) quantities?  


Earthy, cozy Taurus is also associated with our material resources, and because of its Venusian connection, with love and affection, so Jupiter’s influence offers the possibility of expansion, ease, and flow in these areas as well.  Jupiter will have its strongest effects wherever the Taurus energy is in your birth chart, but we can expect the general qualities of this planet/sign combination to affect us individually and collectively until Jupiter goes into Gemini next May.    


Remember, though, that astrological energy is neutral, and it’s how we use it that counts.  The shadow side of Jupiter’s expansiveness and optimism, combined with Taurus’ taste for ease and the good life creates a doubled-up opportunity for all kinds of excess.  Throwing caution to the wind with an overabundance of Jupiter risk-taking in love or money can have all sorts of unwanted consequences, from a hit to the credit card balance that scores a 7 on the financial Richter Scale, to a multi-inch expansion of the belt size, to delivering a rattling jolt to the peace that Taurus craves.  


But let’s stick to the positive and do what our optimistic, enthusiastic, largest planetary companion invites us to do:  trust that things are getting better and renew our love of life and faith in the future….and then do what it takes to cover the bet.


P.S.  How did I get to the deck of that cruise-ship?  My husband, Don, with his Jupiter-ruled, lucky Sagittarian Moon – won a raffle!!  Talk about “Abbondanza!”

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