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Jupiter Settles into Scorpio


Whenever the largest, most massive planet in our solar system changes signs, it’s big news, because it will influence our energetic “vibe” not only personally, but societally and globally as well.  Jupiter’s core effect is to expand whatever it touches.  Because of its connection to themes of abundance and good fortune, in classical astrology Jupiter was called “The Greater Benefic.”  Big-picture, outer-focused, enthusiastic Jupiter expanding intense, private and secretive, inward-turned Scorpio energy definitely creates a “strange bedfellow” combination, but the potential it holds is brimming with possibility. 


The sign of the scorpion is all about woundedness, transformation and healing.  Its probing energy can identify our hurt places, route out what is toxic, and heal and make us whole. No other sign is a better crisis-manager or, thanks to its deep psychological insight, planetary “crap-detector.”  Jupiter expanding all this power can be a very good thing, enabling us to use Scorpio’s focus, decisiveness, willpower and commitment to cleanse and empower us both individually and collectively.  Scorpio’s association with intense bonding and sexuality can strengthen and deepen our most intimate relationships, and its profound instincts regarding finance and investments can deliver prosperity.  What’s more, Scorpio’s intense discipline and focus can counteract Jupiter’s main negative expressions: excess, cockeyed optimism, and unnecessary, precarious risk-taking. 


However, energy, whether it be in planets or signs or houses, is neutral.  It’s what we do with it that determines whether it is expressed positively or negatively.  Unless we tread with care, Jupiter can expand Scorpio’s low-end expressions: controlling, manipulative behavior; envy and jealousy; secrets and lies; OCD-thinking and paranoia; and, in the extreme, trauma and violence.


Jupiter’s confidence, optimism, tolerance and expansive love of life wedded to Scorpio’s deep power to heal and transform:  will we use this powerful passage to heal ourselves and our planet and those who share it with us…or deepen our wounds and their toxicity?  As always, the choice is ours, one-at-a-time and many-at-a-time.

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