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Pluto in Capricorn


Pluto moved into the sign of Capricorn in January, 2008 and has spent most of that year getting settled in its new energetic “look.”  When this tiny dynamo changes signs it’s big news, because Pluto will dig in and stay put for anywhere from 15-20 years, shifting the energetic gears on both personal and global levels. 


Pluto is about power and transformation.  It specializes in shining a spotlight on the hidden, secret, dark and deep issues of life.  When it detects abuse, or toxicity, or corruption - or the kind of death that comes when growth has been arrested - it enters the arena prepared to fight to the finish in the name of radical, positive, evolutionary change.  Pluto, acting like a karmic bulldozer, starts by demolishing what needs to be healed and transformed in order to create whole, clear, clean space.  It then uses its powerful energy for the rebuilding of the new.  Pluto operating at full force in this kind of scenario isn’t pretty, but it’s always working for the highest good, and sometimes hard, gritty, dirty work is the only thing that will get the job done.  


Now let’s take a look at the sign of Capricorn.  Associated with the planet Saturn, Capricorn stands for control, ambition, hard work, and determination, and represents the kind of structure that characterizes organizations like government, big business, and yes, banking and investments.  Capricorn likes knowing exactly “what’s what,” so once its structure is established, Capricorn energy will fight to the finish not to lose control.


The last time Pluto was in the sign of Capricorn was between 1762-1777, the time when the American Revolution (Pluto) led to the overthrow of English control (Capricorn) and the establishment of our independence, and brought new ideals of political democracy to the world.  Over the next 16 years, we can expect to see radical reforms in the management (Capricorn) of the world’s resources: energy, money,  overly-centralized totalitarian governmental structures, etc. Here’s what noted astrologer Dane Rudyar wrote about Pluto back in 1982:  “(It) forces entrenched groups to surrender their privilege or face revolution or moral-spiritual bankruptcy.”   He sure sounds like a man ahead of his time, doesn’t he?


Pluto operates in a similar fashion in our personal lives.  Look for where Capricorn energy colors the landscape of your natal chart, that is, the house(s) containing that sign (       ).  That’s where Pluto will be doing its healing, transforming, empowering work in your own life over the next decade and more.  Here’s a brief summary of what each house represents:


The Houses


*  *  *  *  *

I’d say Pluto is off to quite a start.  Keep the faith.  It will all end up better than we could have imagined, personally and globally.  Pluto has never really met the immovable object that could stand up indefinitely to its irresistible force.  

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