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Saturn Climbs into Capricorn


     Whenever one of the slow-moving, outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) changes signs, it’s big astrological news because its evolving energies influence us not only personally, but societally and globally as well.  On December 19, 2017 no-nonsense, goal-oriented, control-loving Saturn, the planet that represents large organizations such as governments and multi-national corporations, moved into Capricorn, the sign that it rules.  This means that Saturn’s energies and influence are being expressed at their strongest – the qualities of the signreinforce the characteristics of the planet. After it enters Aquarius to stay at the end of 2020, Saturn will take approximately 29 years to return again to the sign of the mountain goat.

     Saturn’s job is to give us the ground rules for success on our earthly planet.  In order to do this, Saturn plays two key roles:

  • As the Karmic Teacher, it helps us identify goals, create strategic and tactical plans to achieve them, and be accountable for our progress, or lack thereof.    

  • As the archetype of the Authoritarian Parent (the person who, regardless of gender, made sure you did your homework before you watched television and knew when you played hooky and forged the note) it role models how to get the job done. 


     In either role, Saturn is all about organization and control, and demands discipline, hard work, and the achievement of tangible results.  If we pitch in and do our part, we can be rewarded with success and strong, secure foundations.  

     With the no-nonsense planet that demands discipline, hard work, and progress in the sign that strengthens these same themes, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and knuckle down to the business at hand.  Every planet has an agenda, a plan of what it wants to accomplish during its passage.  For Saturn, the goal is always to leave a legacy of security and strong foundations.  Personally, we may have to turn a realistic eye to our goals and priorities, and how we use our resources to move toward them.  We may have to give ourselves a report card on the issue of whether or how we are “walking our talk.”  We may have to use Saturn in Capricorn discipline to eliminate what is outworn or limiting in our lives, to cultivate determination, and to start climbing the mountain we want to peak.  And don’t be surprised if it all takes longer than you might have thought.  Saturn is the “Father Time” of the zodiac.  It slows the pace, carefully and deliberately measuring the days as they unfold here on Planet Earth.  Spontaneity, accelerated action, sudden surprise, and short-cuts are simply not in its repertoire, no matter what sign it’s in.  

     If we do our part, Saturn delivers stability, security, and a strong base from which we can launch initiatives that bring success and the satisfaction of a “job well done” in all areas of life.  However, with the planet functioning so powerfully in its own sign, susceptibility to falling into low-end Saturn characteristics is at a high.  Be on the lookout for controlling behavior, rigidity, negativity, a personal life gone missing, self-limiting ultra-conservatism, or an overly-rational, common-sense view of life. either on your part, or coming at you from others.  We are ALL now living in Saturn in Capricorn times.

     Knowing where the sign of Capricorn colors the landscape of your own birth chart can give you more information about the kinds of experiences that will be most affected by this passage in your own life.    


     In the societal and global arena, Saturn in Capricorn can do much to stabilize the world’s infrastructure: governments, social systems, corporate entities, etc.  Pluto has been travelling in Capricorn for several years now, digging out what is toxic and wounded, in order to heal and make whole, much like a surgeon removes a blockage or mass to make space for healing in the human body.  We have all observed how this planetary cleansing has been happening in many, many areas of life, all around the globe.  Early in 2020, Saturn and Pluto will be together at the same degree of the sign of Capricorn, creating a stunningly powerful planetary tag-team with the potential to stabilize and solidify the progress and healing that they have been working to achieve.

Let us each get going:

  • Show up.

  • Face the truth.

  • Make a plan.

  • Roll up your sleeves and get to work. 


Success and security are on the horizon.

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