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The Sign of the Shaman


When preparing for a karmic reading, a story of the person’s relevant past lifetime always emerges. Central to that story is a well-defined protagonist, the person whose experience in that lifetime creates a legacy of challenges to overcome, wrongs to be made right, wounds to be healed, and qualities and assets that can help the client in those efforts in this lifetime. As the story develops, I actually begin to feel what it was like to be that protagonist, which I like to think helps me connect to the client when I share it.  Although the people and specific events may never have existed historically, energetically they absolutely did, and that experience influences the current lifetime heavily, importantly, and mostly unconsciously.  Astrology’s powerful symbolism holds the key to unlocking the messages and guidance contained in those stories. 


Sometimes – rarely – a “goose bump” moment occurs when something in the person’s current lifetime provides irrefutable evidence that the past life as described actually happened.  This is one of those stories.


*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

At some unspecified but distant time and place, a powerful shaman played a key role in his tribe. As the right-hand man to the chief, he not only functioned as the tribe’s healer, but his ability to probe the depths of life’s mysteries and bring forth buried treasures of insights, powers, and psychic guidance made him an invaluable resource to the chief’s efforts to look out for the welfare of the tribe.

However, there was a dark side. For years the shaman had been engaged in a forbidden, clandestine, dangerous true love affair with the chief’s wife, a relationship that had steadily grown and deepened ever since the two were innocent children playing together.  As was the way in those times and conditions, the queen had given birth to many babies, more of whom had died in infancy than had survived. And so in time she gave birth to yet another, a beautiful baby boy whose beauty was undiminished by a small birthmark in the shape of a comet on his forehead. But the mark was a miniature of the one that prominently covered a good portion of the shaman’s bare chest: the child bore the sign of the next generation’s shaman.


I need not – and won’t – describe what certainly ensured.  But as I was ending the narrative, my client interrupted me: “Wait! Stop!  I have to show you something.”


He disappeared for longer than I had anticipated, returning to our FaceTime session, thrusting a phone photo – time-stamped for only moments earlier – in my direction.  And there it was, on his shoulder: a small comet.  The sign of the shaman.


This person had been engaged for years in deep spiritual and therapeutic work in the effort to understand and heal issues and pain that had blocked fulfillment of his goals and potentials in this lifetime.  At the time of our session, his natal Pluto, the planet that holds the record of the deeply-buried wounds incurred in our karmic past, was experiencing intense astrological pressure.  And for the first time, he consulted an astrologer and got affirmation that he was right on track on his quest for healing.


See what I mean about a goose-bump moment?

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