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North Node: Cancers Coming In​


The Nodes of the Moon are the astrological symbols that describe our life’s purpose from the spiritual perspective and the qualities that we bring into this lifetime to help us get the job done.   They change sign approximately every 18 months, and babies born during each nodal period share the same general “assignment,” but each will work toward accomplishing it in his or her own completely individual way, using the energies that are represented by their own unique birth chart.  

  • Babies born between November 7, 2018 and May 5, 2020 will have their North Node, the astrological symbol that describes their spiritual life purpose, in sensitive, loving and caring Cancer. This is the sign associated with the archetype of the nurturing parent, the person who provides emotional security by loving their child totally and unconditionally.    Ruled by the Moon itself, watery, family-oriented Cancer swims in emotional waters, sensitized to the needs of others and motivated to attend to those needs.  It is an instinctual sign, one that knows the wisdom of trusting the guidance of intuition and “knowing.” As these newly-incarnated spirits move into their adult years they can bring these loving qualities and sensitivities not only to their personal relationships, but to the role of caring for and nurturing the precious planet we inhabit.   

  • The South Node of the Moon describes qualities that we carry forward into this lifetime from past life experience.  North Node Cancer people have their South Node in ambitious, hard-working, goal-oriented Capricorn.What’s more, their natal charts will all have sensitive, spiritual Neptune travelling strongly in its own sign of intuitive, compassionate Pisces, a sign that carries deep healing energies.These little spirits are born with an awareness of what is needed to elevate spiritual consciousness and extend healing Piscean energies throughout our planet, along with Capricorn’s innate capacity to get the job done.


Sensitivity, caring, and compassion bonded to responsibility, determination, competence, and the capacity to set a goal and achieve it:  Welcome to our world, dear’ve arrived just in time!  Later you can step into Cancer’s “Earth Mother” shoes, but for now, we’ll just cuddle you and smile.

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