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 To order Healing the Karmic Wounds and/or Your Astrological Compass, please click here.


Healing the Karmic Wounds: Pluto and Chiron

ISBN-13: 978-1629015392

A handbook that helps you learn about the exact nature of your own wounds, recognize when the time is ripe for healing, and experience the transformation and empowerment that occurs when you use its many resources to get the job done.

Healing the Karmic Wounds is available in paperback only. Click here for a sneak peek and click here for the Dell Horoscope review of the book.  


Your Astrological Compass: Navigating Life's Great Cycles 

ISBN-13: 978-1592999514

Compass explores three significant astrological periods in everyone's life when, guided by the karmic teacher  Saturn, important cycles end and new ones begin.  It offers lots of practical, down-to-earth information about how to make the most of these important times.

Click here for a sneak peek of Your Astrological Compass.


Perfect T0gether: Astrology, Karma & You

ISBN-13: 978-1585011124

What is your life purpose? What is it that you're here to experience and accomplish and contribute as you journey along the spiritual path in this lifetime? How can you move towards it? What resources can you use? What challenges might you encounter? We are all born with answers to these questions safely within us, and it's this lifetime's assignment to discover those answers and live them, but the pace and stress of contemporary life blurs the message and leaves little time to explore the issues. Astrology is a powerful objective tool that can help you understand all this, and the symbolism of your own unique one-in-more-than-a-million birth chart can unlock those answers.

If you know the sign and/or house of your North Node, click here for brief description of your karmic history and this lifetime’s spiritual purpose.

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