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HOUSE 1: Personality

Welcome to a lifetime of using the curiosity, quick mind and a silver tongue of the Gemini energy you’re learning about to deliver a message: your message. Welcome to stepping forward and sharing your thoughts; to following your curiosity and seeing where it takes you; and to using your terrific brain to assimilate the experiences and information you encounter. The Universe will provide plenty of opportunities to get the job done: a course that piques your interest at the local college; a factory trip to see how cars are assembled; a great books club that needs a speaker.

Take advantage of them. They’ll help you make all those Gemini qualities your very own, and that’s the assignment.


A look to your Sagittarian South Node in the Seventh House of Partnership takes us to an important challenge. It suggests a karmic history where partnership loyalty caused you to filter experience and beliefs through the opinions and worldview of another person. Because the South Node operates strongly and unconsciously, if you’re not paying attention you could put those blinders right back on in this lifetime and not even know they’re limiting your view. It might not be important if the issue is the relative merits of modern vs. impressionist art (unless, of course, you’re an artist yourself), but what if it’s about activism and environmental protection?


Look for the signals. The Universe will let you know if you wander off-course, usually by sending a message through your relationships, especially partnership relationships. If you find yourself involved with people who are blunt, or tactless, or big fat know-it-alls, listen carefully: Are they trying to tell you something about yourself?


You’re someone who could sell enlightenment at a home housewares party. Call up a distributor and get to it!

HOUSE 2: Values 

Welcome to a lifetime of learning about “Who? What? Where? When? and Why?” and then spreading the word about what you discover. In this lifetime, your ability to acquire knowledge and understand what’s going on is what’s going to make you feel safe and secure. Putting yourself in situations where you can use your bright, quick mind and unquenchable curiosity to fill yourself to the brim with information and understanding is what’s going to allow you to move at warp speed toward your North Node.

Although no one can be expected to turn their nose up at a winning lottery ticket (and with your Sagittarian South Node history, there’s a definite luck factor that could operate for you in this lifetime), true security for someone with a Gemini Second House North Node is only reached by using the old noggin to acquire the resources you need to feel really grounded and safe. In other words, earning your living as a teacher or even a ten-day run on the quiz show makes for much greater soul-progress and satisfaction in this lifetime than a lottery windfall, because those kinds of experiences and efforts validate and reinforce your sense of being able to take care of yourself.

The biggest challenge with this placement takes us to your Sagittarian Eighth House South Node. Involved in intense, bonded relationships in the karmic past, you let the other person influence and compromise your own beliefs and worldview in exchange for the safety and security he or she provided. A fallback to South Node behaviors and attitudes could make it all too easy to let someone else frame and color the lens through which you view the world in this lifetime. If that happens, the price would be very high, billed in the coin of the security that comes out of confidence in your ability to take care of your own self.


Just go for it. Who? You. What? Knowledge. Where? Wherever your curiosity takes you. When? Now. Why? It’s for your highest soul growth, this time around.

HOUSE 3: The Mind

A double “Welcome Home” to you, dear voyager. Gemini, arguably the airiest of the air signs, is very much at home in its own part of the chart, so the message and call of your North Node is particularly loud and clear. Learning and sharing a little bit about a lot of things is just the ticket North for you. We could say that you’ve enrolled for a liberal arts lifetime at the adult-education level: a two-night presentation on the “Mysteries of the Universe” instead of a six-credit masters level course on intergalactic cross pollination (if there even is such a thing); taking a trolley tour of a new city and jotting down a few notes instead of reading the travel guide cover-to-cover and memorizing population demographics. Like the little bunny in the battery advertisements, you can keep going and going and going as you gather information eggs for your basket, and in this lifetime that’s a very good thing.

But here’s another very real thing. The North Node journey is always a challenge, and for you with the doubled-up opportunity, the challenge side of the coin is double-thick as well. For starters, once you get going, it’s going to become mighty easy to over-achieve, to endlessly and indiscriminately skim the surface of information and experience like those pond bugs that seem to hydroplane effortlessly over the surface of the water without even touching it. If you let that happen, you’ll never acquire enough meaning or context or even quantity of anything to make it useful to yourself, or anyone else. Spouting endlessly from your storehouse of useless knowledge, you might not even notice your audience drifting away out of sheer boredom and even distain – “Blah, blah, blah.”

Then there’s the issue of your karmic history, beckoning double-strength to you from the Sagittarian South Node in the Ninth House. In those adventurous, nomadic lifetimes of galloping off towards the horizon in pursuit of an ever-expanding philosophical worldview, you had precious little time to worry about integrating what you discovered into anything but an ever-more abstract theoretical framework before you were off again on the quest for more lofty experience. This is not a history designed to make it easy to stay put long enough in one place to do your Gemini work in the Third House of the everyday world of the here and now.

Now rev up those batteries and get going!

HOUSE 4: Home

Welcome to a lifetime of discovering how you can use the quick mind, silver tongue, and sociable nature of the Gemini energy you’re learning about to establish caring, supportive family connections and help create a strong, secure foundation for everyone involved – especially you. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if you have been born into a lively group of smart, quick, curious and communicative people who could help you get in touch with those qualities in yourself, perhaps through chatty weekend mornings with the family gathered around the breakfast table and a bottomless coffee pot, or in evenings spent in lively competition over a trivia board. In this lifetime, you’re not supposed to go it alone: you’re here to learn about how you can find security through sharing the best of your Gemini self with your family and clan.

This is a North Node assignment and that means that challenge is part of the deal. A glance back to your South Node in the Tenth House tells us that in the karmic past you learned to rise to positions of great responsibility and success in the outside world, perhaps in an exciting career that took you to lots of faraway places. Well, the Gemini energy you’re cultivating in this lifetime is every big as restless as the Sagittarian energy of your karmic past, so you could easily find yourself drawn once again to bounding off beyond another blue horizon in quest of a place in the public eye. If you wake up one day in some exotic location, feeling isolated and lonely, and wondering why you even made the trip, it’s a sure sign that no matter how far you’ve traveled, what you are is stuck.

With your North Node in the Fourth House, your physical home can be an important barometer of progress. If you find yourself making too many trips to the hardware store to patch up a rash of too many minor calamities around the house – plumbing leaks, closet poles that crack and collapse, light switches that burn out – it can be a signal that you have to regroup before you can continue because you’re as stalled as you would be if you were stranded in the airport in Ghana.


Go on, head to the kitchen and pour yourself a cup of coffee. It’s time for a good family schmooze.

HOUSE 5: Creativity

Well, you couldn’t ask for better assets than Gemini’s curiosity, sociability, and communication gifts when it comes to things that can help you rise to the Fifth House challenge of creative self-expression. Following whatever piques your interest – from a treatise on medieval philosophy to the biography of the latest Nobel laureate to a crossword puzzle competition to a course in numerology – is what ultimately leads you straight to your creative core and starts stirring the pot. You can count on the fact that pretty soon you’ll want to share your excitement and enthusiasm about what you’re experiencing, so we can expect that the more you acclimate yourself to the Gemini part of this assignment, the faster you’ll be able to move toward the Fifth House destination.

So what’s the hitch? We know that North Node assignments have challenge as part of their definition, and this one doesn’t disappoint in that department. A look over to your Sagittarian South Node in the Eleventh House gives us a whole lot of perspective. In the karmic past it’s likely that your ability to successfully build frameworks of meaning about your view of the Universe was compromised by your identification with groups whose world views and beliefs severely limited the development of your own. Compromise for the sake of acceptance and a sense of belonging diluted the authenticity of your conclusions and whitewashed your message. As we know, the pull of that South Node can be very strong, and it operates unconsciously, so if you’re not careful, you could find yourself in the déjà vu situation of filtering and adapting your creative truth for the sake of your audience’s approval. What’s more, part of the Fifth House assignment can include receiving recognition for what you bring forth, and the desire for that attention can double-up the temptation to deliver what the audience wants to hear, rather than what you really have to say.

A trivia game is forming up around the kitchen table. Get going.

HOUSE 6: Service

Welcome to the neighborhood! We’ve been waiting for you to knock at this door. The Gemini energy you’re learning about likes the comings and goings of everyday life, and that’s precisely where the Sixth House assignment unfolds. Gemini’s thirst for information, along with its sociability and communication skills can all come in handy when the task at hand is to learn about others’ needs and then help fulfill them. The Sixth House is where we acquire skills and competence, and Gemini loves learning, so if you have to learn something in order to get the job done, so much the better. You’ll just have to make sure that the knowledge you accumulate can be put to good use.

There are a few things to consider, though. With your Sagittarian South Node in the Twelfth House, you’ve had lifetimes pursuing the Quest for Life’s Meaning, seeking Big Answers to Big Questions. Teaching English as a second language to someone so they can get a better job may feellike something of a come-down after such lofty pursuits. Combine that with the doubly-unconscious nature of that Twelfth House South Node and the temptation to gallop back to self-satisfied ivory-tower philosophizing can become all but overwhelming. And Gemini’s restlessness can stimulate that South Node by feeding into Sagittarius’ own itchy hoof. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself back south of the border before this assignment even really gets going.

Get out the grammar book and the foreign language dictionary. It’s time to head North.

HOUSE 7: Partnership

Welcome to a lifetime of discovering how your quick mind, silver tongue, and sociable nature can find expression in partnership and nurture it, even if your partner is someone who’s view of life’s realities may be totally different from your own. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if you find yourself attracted to smart, quick, communicative people who could help bring out those qualities in yourself. Sharing Gemini-type activities like taking a course together, or going on a day-trip somewhere you’ve never been are sure-shot ways to get the ball rolling; so is heading to the local boutique coffee shop and chatting about the latest books you’ve read, movies you’ve seen, and people you’ve met over a grande mocha latté. The goal is to connect up with someone who can help awaken your curiosity and love of all kinds of conversation and information exchange, and hold your interest for the long haul. In this lifetime you’re not supposed to go it alone. An alternative point of view is essential to the process of learning what you need to learn, and the exploration needs to be done in the safe space of committed partnership where you can make a few mistakes along the way.

A look over to your South Node takes us to an important issue. The restless, freedom-loving Sagittarian energy there combined with the First House’s over-arching call to be oneself can make the give-and-take and commitment part of this lifetime’s assignment more than a little challenging. And Sagittarian restlessness only amps up Gemini’s own itch to be constantly on the move. So when you encounter the inevitable bumps in the relationship highway, you’ll have to discipline yourself not to gallop off immediately to new horizons.

The Universe will be happy to let you know if you’re wandering off-track, most likely sending its message via potential or actual partners. If you find yourself sitting over that grande mocha latté with someone whose eyes are darting nervously and whose fingers are tapping on the table, it’s time to finish your scone, smile politely, settle the check and retreat. You need to figure out whether it’s you who’s trying to gallop back to your First House South Node.

Make a date. It’s time to get out there and share your words.

HOUSE 8: Transformation

Welcome to using the bright, curious intellect and quick-silver communication skills of the Gemini energy you’re learning about to dive into the dark, deep waters of the Eighth House to claim the treasure of your own power, power that you can use to transform and heal yourself and others. Eighth House territory isn’t the exactly the travel destination you’d be likely to choose for your next vacation: the left-brained, airy nature of Gemini energy is simply not that comfortable immersed in a deep world of power and mystery and intuitive wisdom, so it’s a good thing that this piece of astrological real estate resonates strongly with relationship themes. This means that you will share at least part of this journey with someone at your side. Learning to trust another person, not only with what you know, but with who you are, is fundamental to the assignment, so that you can create together the kind of relationship that provides support and security and safety to each of you as you travel together.


The Second House placement of your South Node adds more complexity. It speaks to a history where “do it yourself” was key to successful execution of the assignment. The Sagittarian energy of that South Node reminds us that you’ve had opportunities in the karmic past to develop your very own “big picture” world view and philosophy of life, something that became part of the core definition of what made you feel safe and secure. A darkened look at that experience hints at the excesses of becoming something of a “know it all” about those beliefs, of being so invested in them that it left you closed to anyone else’s way of thinking. This can create real challenge in this lifetime. Acquiring Eighth House power requires the receptivity of an open mind to what you will encounter about life’s mysteries once you dive off the safe boat of what you already know. What’s more, consideration of another’s point of view is fundamental to building relationship.


Remember the phoenix.

HOUSE 9: Expanding Horizons

Welcome to the challenge of using the curiosity and quick-silver intellect of the Gemini energy you’re learning about to embark on an exciting adventure, a quest for life’s meaning. Welcome to using the God that’s in the details of everyday life to support a big-picture vision of what this Universe is all about. In this lifetime, you need to muster the resolve to range through the wide, wide world when the first glance of what lies beyond the next horizon line might make you want to turn back and head for the old neighborhood. Welcome, in other words, to the paradoxical, exciting and phenomenally rewarding terrain of the karmic “switcheroo,” the situation where the themes of this lifetime’s assignment bear a striking resemblance to the experiences of the karmic past.

Your North Node sign of Gemini is naturally associated with gathering and disseminating all kinds of information, from the tiniest curiosity to the biggest news flash. Gemini energy is most comfortable in the familiarity of the comings and goings of the everyday world, but that North Node is staked in the exciting, beyond-the-blue-horizon turf of the Ninth House, which resonates with Sagittarian wanderlust. There, big-picture themes of exploration and adventure are the order of the day. Meanwhile, your expansive gypsy-spirited Sagittarian South Node is in small-world, small-town terrain of the Third House. In other words, in this lifetime, it’s going to be hard to know if you’re moving forward to the North Node or back to the South. In fact, there could even be times when you literally won’t know whether to book the trip to Tibet for first-hand experience of that culture’s Buddhist worldview, or take the bus downtown to the library and just read about it all.


This is certainly a challenging assignment, but it need not be daunting. The optimistic Sagittarian South Node part of you loves freedom and knows how to feel comfortable in wide open spaces. It has lots of karmic “connect-the-dot” experience, and that’s what the Ninth House challenge is all about. Your Third House karmic history involved following where your curiosity led you and gathering whatever information and experience you found there, and that can certainly help you recognize and nurture the Gemini energy you’re learning about now. But missteps and detours and dead ends are part of the “switcheroo” deal, so go easy on yourself. Just keep the most positive qualities of your North Node sign and house in the forefront of your consciousness as much as you can. You’re learning a complicated lesson: when you have the reversed sign and house situation, it’s often an indication that you’re working on an issue that takes more than a single lifetime to master.


Call up the travel agent. The library will be there. It’s North you’re heading.

HOUSE 10: Authority

Welcome to a lifetime of discovering how you can use the quick mind, silver tongue, and sociable nature of the Gemini energy you’re learning about to step out into the public arena and share what you know and experience. Perhaps you’ll become a teacher or professor, though president of a great university is more likely. Maybe you’ll write a book and take it on a national tour. Or you might have a radio talk show that’s a schmoozy chat about all kinds of things that catch your interest. Once way or another, you’ve signed on for a lifetime of strutting your Gemini stuff out where the rest of us can see the parade.


A look back to your Sagittarius South Node in the Fourth House takes us to a big challenge. It speaks of a karmic past where you spent a lot of time and energy developing a philosophical worldview, a view that in all likelihood was filtered through the lens of family and clan assumptions that might have constricted your openness and perspective in important ways. For example, let’s say your family belief system includes the idea that the only cowboys that wear white hats have the feet of their ethnic origins planted firmly north of the border. And maybe you fell in love with someone who happened to come from the “wrong” side of that border, and you had to make a choice. Given that we look at the South Node with a negative bias, we can surmise that you probably made the wrong choice from the karmic perspective – Romeo and Juliet all over again. However, arbitrary disassociation from family of origin attitudes and values isn’t the answer, either. Part of the curriculum in this lifetime is to step forward as your own person with your own mission, without cutting the strands that connect you to those Fourth House sources of support and security – a tricky bit of business.


Shine up the Phi Beta Kappa key. You have a speech to make.

HOUSE 11: Goals & Groups

Welcome! We’ve been waiting for you to arrive. That smart, communicative information-gathering Gemini energy you’re learning about can surely come in handy around here. We can always use some new ideas, and we know you’ll have them backed up with the solid facts you’re so good at accumulating. Gemini energy is flexible and adaptable, so we don’t think you’ll have a hard time fitting in, and its communication skills can make sure that the whole team is always on the same page. Yes, you’ve knocked at the door of a very compatible clubhouse, so come on in.

The legacy of Sagittarian energy in your South Node can be very useful in the “big picture” department by helping you see the broadest vision of what might be accomplished. But Sagittarius is very comfortable in the pleasures of the Fifth House, including those that come along with love affairs, so it might be hard to leave that terrain behind. And the Fifth House sense of one’s own specialness can feed right into Sagittarius’ tendency to take itself too seriously as the creator of “Important Philosophical Insights into the Meaning of Life.” It won’t be easy to step down from the ivory tower and become one of the gang.

We need to talk about restlessness. Both Gemini and Sagittarius are always itchy to get on to the next thing. The basic difference is that the range and location of that next thing is likely to be around the corner in the old neighborhood for Gemini, and on the other side of the world for Sagittarius. But both make it hard to stay put for long. You’ll have to do something about that because the job in this lifetime is to stay the course, be a team player, and make a difference.


Slow down and settle in. You are going to like it here – just give it time.

HOUSE 12: Spirit

Come on in! The Gemini energy you’re learning about is just the thing that can take a fresh new look at the world of Spirit, and in our ever-changing world we can always use an update. With Gemini’s curiosity and open-minded approach to gathering information and experience, you might come upon a thing or two that can provide even more diversity in the mix of what underlies spiritual truth. So even if the thought of swimming for a lifetime in cool, subtle, and intuitive Twelfth House waters might make you wish at first that you had signed on for another North Node destination, if you settle in and stay a while I think you’ll learn to like it here.

The first big challenge comes directly out of that Gemini hunger for more and more input. You’ll have to learn to manage that restlessness and know when it’s time to slow down and absorb what you’ve gathered. An excellent strategy is to spend some time alone with your journal, an activity that can blend together the best of the right and left sides of your brain. Meander around in it and let the writing take you where it wants to go: you’re likely to be surprised at where you arrive, and how calm and centered you feel – calm enough, in fact, to hear the call of the voice of Spirit.

And we can’t forget your South Node in the Sixth House. Gemini is naturally drawn to the comings and goings of the day-to-day world which is where the Sixth House action takes place. And the Sagittarian energy there is always itchy to head on to the next horizon, and only reinforces the Gemini restlessness dilemma. Now this next part is particularly tricky: You’re here to explore spiritual consciousness which definitely sounds like a Sagittarian “big picture” concept, except that spiritual consciousness doesn’t need a Sagittarian framework of rules and principles. It operates, instead, out of intuitive, soul-full Twelfth House wisdom to arrive at its truths. The subtleties can definitely befuddle left-brained, logical Gemini type of thinking. What to do? Surrender is the answer. Surrender to what your heart and not your head is telling you and you can’t get lost.


Welcome aboard. This boat is heading for Twelfth House waters and your name is on the passenger list.

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