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Jupiter Arrives in Aries - 

Put the Pedal to the Metal! 

May 10 – October 27 (PDT)/October 28 (EDT), 2022

December 20, 2022 – May 16, 2023

After spending about a year in watery, sensitive, inward-turned and laid-back Pisces, fiery Jupiter has arrived in fiery Aries, a shore-shot call for action in Jupiter things like expanding one’s horizons through exploration and travel and learning, or changing or getting rid of something whose usefulness has ended or gone dull in your life, or starting something new that holds the promise of making a dream come true.  The largest planet in our solar system, the one that expands everything it touches, has entered the fast-paced, decisive, “Let’s get the show on the road!” sign of the ram.  


Both planet and sign share common qualities of fire:  confidence, optimism, decisiveness, a take-charge, leadership orientation, and sheer energy accompanied by a strong taste for a fast-paced tempo of life. Jupiter contributes faith and belief in oneself, generosity, and a friendly, congenial, and open-hearted approach to relationship. Pioneering Aries brings assertion and initiative and a huge dollop of courage that supports Jupiter’s comfort with taking a risk in order to expand and grow and amp up one’s love of life.  The dial on the excitement meter has taken a quantum leap in the direction of “more,” along with the potential to make something of it.


Remember, though, that astrological energy is neutral, and it’s how we use it that counts.  The shadow side of Jupiter’s expansiveness and optimism, combined with Arian initiative and strong sense of self creates a doubled-up opportunity for all kinds of excess.  Aries’ urgency to act can over-stimulate Jupiter’s “tell it like it is" honesty and frankness, with consequent impact on important relationships.  Jupiter can expand Aries’ innate inability to recognize that anyone can want, need, think, or feel differently than itself.  Aries can encourage Jupiter’s tendency to focus on the big picture and ignore the practicalities required to achieve success on this earthly planet of ours, something, in fact, that Aries doesn’t like to bother with anyway.  Throwing caution to the wind with an overabundance of Jupiter risk-taking can have all sorts of unwanted consequences, like torpedoing chances of achieving success with an important initiative.


But let’s stick to the positive and do what our optimistic, enthusiastic, largest planetary companion invites us to do:  trust that things can get better and renew our love of life and faith in the future….and then do what it takes to cover the bet.  This lets Jupiter deliver on one of its great treasures: protection and luck that can follow you in your travels long as you don’t push it.  


Ready…Set… GO!!!

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