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Jupiter Climbs into Capricorn

Exuberant, expansive Jupiter reluctantly leaves its own free-wheeling, adventurous sign of Sagittarius today to spend a year in serious, earthy, goal-oriented, responsible Capricorn.  In doing so, it joins Saturn and Pluto, already powerfully moving through that sign. Fiery Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, “thinks big and acts even bigger” and is not very comfortable dealing with Capricorn’s earthy practicalities and discipline, but as always, the goal of any astrological passage or placement is integration.   In this instance that means that Jupiter can expand Capricorn’s vision of what can be accomplished and provide the optimism and positive outlook that betters the odds for achieving one’s goals, and Capricorn can make sure that the goals are  do-able, and provide the organization, planning, and determination it takes to manifest them in the world of the here and now. 


Like all the large outer planets Jupiter’s energies affect us not only personally, but societally and globally as well.  Let’s use Jupiter’s inherent optimism and enthusiasm for life to help us move confidently and successfully into the future.   

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