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The North Node Enters Taurus


The Nodes of the Moon are the astrological symbols that describe our life’s purpose from the spiritual perspective and the qualities that we bring into this lifetime to help us get the job done. They change sign approximately every 18 months, and babies born during each nodal period share the same general “assignment,” but each will work toward accomplishing it in his or her own completely individual way, using the energies that are represented by their own unique birth chart.  

  • Babies born between December 22, 2021 and July 12, 2023 have their North Node, the astrological symbol describing their life purpose, in the sign of the Earth Spirit, Taurus. (NOTE: These dates can vary somewhat because there are two ways to calculate the Nodes.  The alternate window is January 18, 2022 – July 18, 2023.) Taurus is all about security and safety and attunement to the natural world.  As they move into their adult years and claim the peace-loving, organic, strong and solid qualities of the Sign of the Bull, these newly-incarnated spirits can use Taurus’ determination, commitment, and sheer strength to lead the rest of us to reclaim the peace and security that has become so fragile in recent times.

  • The South Node of the Moon describes qualities that we carry forward into this lifetime from past life experience.  North Node Taurus people have their South Node in Scorpio.  This intense, courageous, determined, truth-telling water sign holds powerful energies that can expose deceit and corruption wherever they exist bringing them to light and justice.  These energies can then be used to transform what’s toxic into wholeness, and penetrate the deepest wounds and heal them.  This nodal generation can use this legacy of powerful Scorpio energies in its mission of bringing peace and safety to the planet and its people. 

Welcome, welcome, dear ones…we’ve been waiting for you to get here!  But for now, just let us cuddle you and smile.

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