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Pluto, Aquarius, and You


IMPORTANT: You must know what your ASCENDANT (RISING SIGN) is in order to use this information.


I cannot tell you exactly when Pluto will enter a particular area of your individual chart or how long it will stay there. For precise timing you would have to consult an astrologer or do the calculations yourself.  Pluto is not at all likely to stay in one area of the chart for all of the 40 years it will be in the sign of Aquarius.  But it will spend a significant amount of time - years - affecting the areas of life experience represented by that area (house.)  Also, check the house PRIOR to the one associated with your Ascendant because Pluto may be spending time in that house first.  However, you will FEEL Pluto’s powerful presence wherever it is. 


Deep effort that could involve working on wounds and blockages and necessary losses may be required. Sometimes it can be unsettling or overwhelming, but the result is new freedom to live authentically in an environment that reflects and supports your individuality.  The gains in terms of empowerment and freedom and healing are the prize.   Just show up…and remember always that the Universe has your back!


In the course of its transit through Aquarius, Pluto will also touch planets in your chart in various ways.  This will bring additional situations where Pluto can do its healing, empowering work.  These energies will prevail for the duration of that passage, but these instances are not…cannot be…covered in the following information


ARIES ASCENDANT:  Pluto through the 11th House.


Themes of harvest and setting new hopes and wishes for the future prevail. Results of past efforts…or lack of them…manifest and bring rewards and validation or disappointment and the necessity to refocus your energies.  You can create a new, broader vision for what you want to bring into your life so you can be free to live out of the authenticity of who you are.  Friendships and group associations can grow stronger or change or end so that these involvements are more in alignment with your true nature.  Engagement in efforts to make the world a better place can make a real difference and be rewarding for you as well in many ways.  


TAURUS ASCENDANT:   Pluto through the 10th House.


Are you taking authority and responsibility for your life and where it’s heading…setting goals and making plans to achieve them?  Profound changes in those goals, in overall life direction and/or career bring these areas of life experience into alignment with the authenticity of who you are.  The degree of transformation and potential disruption depends on how OUT of alignment these themes are when Pluto starts its passage through this part of the chart. Your public “image” - how you look to people who don’t know you personally - can change. You get noticed and make a stronger impression. 


GEMINI ASCENDANT:  Pluto through the 9th House.


A time to expand your horizons.  To gather new information and look for answers to big questions.  To explore how you fit into the bigger picture of the world you live in.   This is happening mentally, by investigating new ideas, philosophies and systems such as law or religion that put a framework of meaning around life’s experiences, or physically through literal or armchair long-distance travel and exposure to different cultures and ethical and moral systems. Narrow, limited viewpoints (your own, or others’) are confronted or questioned. Publication of your discoveries and ideas could be a focus. It is an excellent time to pursue higher levels of education. 


CANCER ASCENDANT:  Pluto through the 8th House.


Pluto travels through its powerful, mysterious home base, intensifying themes associated with qualities of the planet.  It’s a time for deep work and major transformation that leads to great empowerment and the freedom to live the life that reflects the authenticity of who you are. Healing wounds and blockages, facing something that has been buried, dealing with issues of trust and betrayal:  any of these may be confronted.  New relationships characterized by deep (often sexual) bonding can develop, or existing ones strengthened. Necessary losses may be encountered to make room for your growth.   Exploration of the occult, growth in psychic powers and the claiming of the shamanic power heal are all possible outcomes of this passage. Support from others can come in the form of inheritance or successful investments…or its opposite if blockages and challenges have not been faced.


LEO ASCENDANT:  Pluto through the 7th House.


Partnerships characterized by commitment and equality (EXAMPLES: marriage, business, best friends), are front and center. Issues may arise to show you where focus and effort are needed to create a balance where you have an equal voice in a collaborative, cooperative interaction.  Working on imbalances can heal wounds and strengthen the relationship so you can be free to express the truth of who you are without compromising the other person’s right to the same.  Some relationships may end to make way for new ones to come in.


VIRGO ASCENDANT:  Pluto through the 6th House.


Work (the day-to-day of it, how and where you do it, what you do), habits and routines, and issues involving health, healing and well-being are subject to scrutiny and may require changes.  Are you working too hard to your own depletion, or in a job that you simply don’t like?  Do health and nutrition practices support well-being and strength?  Are you stuck in routines and habits that don’t support your growth?  Is attending to the needs of others causing you to neglect taking care of yourself? Disruptions in these areas is possible to draw your attention to needed changes. Pets … and mentors…can be important allies in your efforts to heal and make those changes. The result can be great empowerment in all these areas. You could find yourself in a mentoring role as well.


LIBRA ASCENDANT:  Pluto through the 5th House.


A time to express your true self and feel alive in your own authentic life.  To feel free to experience the enthusiasm and enjoyment that life can hold.  To make time to participate in activities and follow pursuits that excite and interest you.  Perhaps you’ll fall in love - or renew an existing relationship.  Or pursue a hobby or artistic means of self-expression. Children (yours) can be a focus.  Relationships with them can be healed and strengthened. Wounds and blockages that keep you from all this can be confronted and eliminated, but you must show up and face the issues. 


SCORPIO ASCENDANT: Pluto through the 4th House.


Home, family, and the nurturing parent (regardless of gender) take center stage.  Family of origin/childhood issues can stir to be healed and emotional security strengthened or restored. Have you been able to establish your own independence without abandoning where you came from?  Have you found your “true family” (even if it’s not your biological one)?  Literal moves, repairs or major improvement projects are possible so that your home reflects the authenticity of who you are.


SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT:  Pluto through the 3rd House.


A time to follow your curiosity and bring in information that expands your life’s possibilities and makes it a more accurate expression of who you are.  Obsolete or mistaken ideas (yours or another’s) can be challenged.  Communication blockages and limitations (like poor listening skills or being too pushy with your ideas) may be confronted and eliminated, leaving you stronger and more effective.  Writing can become a focus, strengthening writing skills. Scattered energies can be contained and focus sharpened so that initiatives undertaken are completed. Sibling issues may stir and be healed, strengthening those relationships. Face the challenges and grab the opportunities.


CAPRICORN ASCENDANT:  Pluto through the 2nd House.


Values are front and center. Where are you in your list of what’s important?  What really matters to you?  Do you use your resources in support of those values?  Blockages and wounds that may have made it hard to put these things in order make themselves known so they can be removed and healed.  Issues involving money, including losses, can signal that adjustments are needed in how you are using ALL your resources (time, energy, material assets, etc.)  The goal of this passage is to have you feeling secure, giving yourself what you need in order grow and thrive. 


AQUARIUS ASCENDANT:  Pluto through the 1st House.


Pluto empowers your sense of self and your personality, affecting how you interact with the world and the people in it.  Wounds and blockages that have stood in the way of you knowing and being yourself surface and can be healed and removed, leaving you freer and more able to assert yourself in pursuit of your goals.  This deep empowerment and transformation may be reflected in changes in your physical appearance:  weight gain or loss, a new wardrobe, hair color and style, etc.


PISCES ASCENDANT:  Pluto through the 12th House.


Deep work is going on.  It’s a time to explore the unconscious, heal buried wounds, fears and uncertainties, and claim hidden attributes and abilities.  Dreams may deliver important messages. Intuition deepens.  The gateway for direct contact with the Divine clears and opens.  Tendencies toward drifting or escapist behavior can be controlled, and a positive attitude toward life and its possibilities can grow. Spend time alone in order to focus within.  Surrender to necessary losses to make room for growth. 

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