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Saturn Dives Deep into Pisces


March 7, 2023 – May 25, 2025

September 1, 2025 – February 14, 2026

The energetic landscape softens as goal-oriented, control-loving Saturn, the planet that rules time and structure and discipline, enters sensitive, compassionate, visionary Pisces.  The blending of these two very different energies brings the precious opportunity to give concrete form to our vision of a better world.  Saturn is the planetary karmic mentor and teacher whose job it is to guide us to the fulfillment of our individual and collective potential and goals, so this passage adds karmic importance when it comes to making the most of its possibilities.


Sometimes planet and sign combinations are comfortable and confident, as was the case for Saturn as it passed through the last two signs of Capricorn and Aquarius.  Not so this time, but the combination has its own considerable potential and rewards.  As is true with all energetic contrasts, integrating and balancing different energies results in a pool of resources that is greater than the sum of its parts.  What’s more, when this happens the positive qualities of one side of the equation offset the negative aspects of the other…and vice versa.  Saturn likes nothing better than to set a stretch goal, make a practical, down-to-earth plan to achieve it, marshal the resources, and control every step of the way to an on-time, successful outcome that optimally exceeds expectations.  It is great at focus and discipline and, as the planetary guardian of time, knows how to keep to the schedule and correct for any unforeseen disruptions.  As an earthy planet, however, it is solidly invested in its own view of the world and is not tuned in to anything but the practical, common-sense dimensions of the situation and adherence to the plan.  Watery, empathic Pisces, on the other hand, swims in the timeless dimensions of the world we cannot see and is absolutely connected to the deeper, hidden levels of feeling and wisdom that underlie even the most common sense, grounded-in-reality initiatives and ideas.  Although each side of this equation is tentative and uncomfortable entering the realm of the other, inherently earth and water are mutually beneficial and ultimately compatible, so there is tremendous potential here.  What’s more, as the last planet visible to the naked eye, Saturn travels the border between the world of here and now and the world of possibility and what could be, themes that resonate deeply with the Saturn in Pisces combination. Piscean vision can expand the possibilities limited by the practicalities of Saturn’s master plan, and soften Saturn’s rigidity so that it is more sensitive and adaptable to the needs and desires of those affected by that plan.   Saturn can give shape and focus to Pisces’ languid, “what will be, will be” approach to life and bring the discipline that not only attends to the practicalities of achieving a goal, but brings clarity to Piscean confusion and indecision, and control to its tendency to seek escape when under pressure.    


There is one very important caveat.  Every energy and symbol has its high, positive expression and its opposite, low-end one.  The energy itself is neutral and it’s how we use it that determines how it is expressed.  Each in its own way, Saturn and Pisces both can be their own worst enemy, underestimating their own potential, getting discouraged when things go awry, undermining confidence and self-esteem and denying themselves hope.  It’s important to seek objective feedback from trusted sources if you experience these qualities  –  this combination of energies is anything but weak and ineffective.       


In 2024-5, Saturn will catch up to Neptune, also in Pisces, and these themes will reach their maximum strength.  

Let us all harness Saturn’s taste for hard work in the service of manifesting the Piscean vision of a better life and better, more caring and compassionate world.   For insight about the kinds of experiences and opportunities that will be most affected by this passage in your own life over the next 2 ½ years or so, look to where Pisces softens the landscape of your one-in-more-than-a-million unique birth chart.  

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