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New Offering:

The Solar Return Chart


Every year, the Sun returns to the exact degree of the sign it was in at the moment of your birth.  Most times, this happens on your exact birthday, but it could also occur on one of the days on either side of it.  An astrological chart created for that moment is called a Solar Return (SR) Chart.  It is the chart you would have if you were born in the current year in the place you are living now. Although the Sun will be at the precise degree of your Sun Sign, the rest of the planets will have moved during the period between your actual birth and the year of the SR chart, so it can look very different from your natal chart. 


The SR chart applies for ONLY the year that ends when the Sun once again returns to its exact natal position the next year.  (NOTE:  Some astrologers allow longer periods of effectiveness and use SR charts in other contexts.)

I have been studying and working with SR charts for more than a year now, and find them to be very helpful by adding another layer of insight into the energetic dynamics and areas of focus for the upcoming year.  However, I do not believe them to be adequate as a self-standing foundation for a reading, except in very specific circumstances. 



I am now offering to include an interpretation of the Solar Return

in an update reading ($125) for only an additional $25



You might want to check it out!


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